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kiara martilla

[ live in the sunshine. swim in the sea. drink the wild air. ] - emerson

yoga teacher | nature lover | mn mama

old soul with a refreshingly modern twist. let's go hiking, sing luke bryan songs and grab coffee while we talk about the latest books we can't put down. let's meditate together under the stars and the full moon, wrap up with blankets around a bonfire and wake up and drink raspberry mimosas. let's take selfies in crazy places and try anything at least once.

more than just a yoga teacher - but that friend that encourages you to dive deep into who you really are, connect with a power much greater than ourselves and explore this huge, exciting world around us by traveling off the beaten path. together, let's move mountains.

Fun Facts

  • I have a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), and I had my daughter just two days after my graduation ceremony.
  • I started practicing yoga when I was 13 years old to work on increasing my flexibility as a figure skater since I'm not naturally very flexible.
  • I received my ryt-200 from LifePower Yoga in Eden Prairie (Crosstown), MN.
  • I love being creative - painting, drawing, cooking, hippie crafts, digital design, and photography are my favorites and have always served as a form of therapy for me.
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